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Personal Billboard Charts' Journal

25th August, 2005. 10:05 pm. Top 5 Things I Hate About My Job(dracopet)

1) Veronica
2) Annette
3) Jenny telling me to straighten the goddamn purses every day.
4) Carrying the 50+ lb bag of money downstairs.
5) Pretending to be interested in people when in fact I don't care if they found everything okay or whether or not they have a nice day.

Current mood: bitchy.

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25th August, 2004. 1:15 pm. Top 20 favorite songs as of right now(z0mbie_girl)

[in no particular order]

1.Diamonds and guns-The transplants[you may or may not have heard it on the garnier fructise commerical..they play the intro to it]
2.Halloween-The Misfits
3.Here's To Life-Streetlight Manifesto
4.Damaged Goods-The Devotchkas
5.Gabba Gabba Hey-The Ramones
7.Punk Rock Girls-The Queers
8.The Young Crazed Peeling-The Distillers
9.False Hope-The Unseen
10.Punk Rock Girl-The Dead Milkmen
11.Living In America-The Sounds
12.Orgasm Addict-The Buzzcocks
13.My Baby Hates Me-The Stitches
14.You-Mustard Plug
15.Hate Yer State-Choking Victim
16.Nazi White Trash-Leftover Crack
17.Cherry BOmb-L7
18.Rebel Girl-Bikini Kill
19.Deceptacon-Le Tigre
20.American Jesus-Bad Religion

you wont find any of that taking back sunday or saves the day business on my top 20 list.

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22nd August, 2002. 10:58 am. ...My ToP 10 FaVoRiTe SoNgS oF tHe MoMeNt...(gingerspice818)

1.) Autopilot Off- "Me and You"
2.) Pennywise- "Peaceful Day"
3.) Distorted Penguins- "Ghostbuster Theme"
4.) Five Iron Frenzy- "Pre-Ex-Girlfriend"
5.) Lagwagon- "Violins"
6.) Bad Religion- "The Defense"
7.) Rufio- "One Slow Dance"
8.) Pennywise- "Perfect People"
9.) Riddlin Kids- "I Feel Fine"
10.) The Ataris- "Losing Streak"

if anyone else agrees with my top songs, you must be a cool cat. so feel free to comment!

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29th June, 2002. 12:25 pm.(wakeup_call)

does ANYONE have a livejournal code they would be willing to share with me? i would love you forever and ever and ever.
if youre willing to give one up, please email me at

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28th May, 2002. 9:49 pm. Eleven Favourite Musical Acts, as of today(guelah)

My eleven favourite performers, followed by what I consider to be their best album.

11) Ben Harper - Live From Mars
10) Matt Good Band - The Audio of Being
9) Sloan - Between the Bridges
8) Guster - Parachute
7) Phish - Rift
6) Weezer - Pinkerton
5) Van Morrison - Moondance
4) Dave Matthews Band - Before these Crowded Streets
3) The Beatles - Abbey Road
2) Green Day - Kerplunk!
1) Whiskeytown/Ryan Adams - Faithless Street

Current mood: bored.

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9th May, 2002. 1:36 pm.(benprofane)

top ten favorite films.

as always...no particular order and it tends to be a shifting living list but ninety percent of the time...if pushed...i believe i would write these ten down.

citizen kane- orson welles (the kenosha kid rewrites american cinema in his early twenties...textbook camera angles...flawless acting...a flood of ideas in black and white)

seven samurai- akira kurosawa (my mouth hung open the entire time i first saw this...there is no salvation as long as you conform to your being)

godfather- francis ford coppola ( dark and fluid...the poetry of american corruption)

wizard of oz- victor fleming (never underestimate the influence on the culture of the darkest american fairytale...this film continues to be crossreferenced from pynchon to david lynch...my fave line? " i know i have a heart..cause i can feel it breaking")

psycho- alfred hitchcock (so many layers its impossible to count. the monster with the dry dry lips moves beyond life and death and tears.)

night of the hunter- charles laughton (innocence...the devil...a rural parable)

touch of evil- orson welles (the ultimate B movie)

400 Blows- francois truffaut (there is an enduring sadness here)

grand illusion- jean renoir (war..ugh...good gawd yall...what is it good for?)

berlin alexanderplatz- rainer fassbinder (unreal.)

like i said...its a living thing, the list...feel free to disagree/agree/dismiss.

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26th March, 2002. 2:37 pm. Top Ten Games(chaddarooch)

These are top of the line games, I strongly suggest that if you havent played one or more of these games, check them out... these are listed in no particular order...

1) System Shock

System Shock is THE best first person shooter game... ever... Unlike most first person shooters, this one has an indepth plot, and involves alot of sneaking around, unlike doom, where you could run into crowds of enemies like a moron and still kill them all, this game is more realistic, in that there are no slow moving projectiles for you to dodge... and for a game made back in 94, the graphics were superb...

2) System Shock II

Not many games can pull off a great sequel, but this one lives up to the greatness of the first one... The grapics are even better, the feeling is the same, the plot has thickened, this time the game is harder, zombies start running at you with shotguns, instead of the slow-moving globs that were in the first game... your character also can also progress like in RPGs... hit points can increase, you learn new abilities... in the beginning, your choose whether to be skilled in weapons, psionics, or hacking...

3) Final Fantasy VI

This is by far the greatest game for the SNES... It gave people an excuse to kill off 100 or more hours... there were lots of characters, tons of spells, and a bunch of secrets. and this time, you get MOG...

4) Final Fantasy VII

Final fantasy all of the sudden got more dramatic, less comedic, and darker... this time, Square put out a game with the most intense plot of all time, with a "psycho-thriller" plot, and nonstop twists... it leaves you dazed and confused until the truth hits you all at once...

5) Final Fantasy Tactics

Take Final fantasy, and add an insane amount of plot twists, with a strategy gameplay, and touch it up with a ton of options. you get to customize your characters, as well as their abilities... this game was a non-stop awesome ride...

6) Worms: Armageddon

Remember the game Scorched Earth? Now picture a cartoon earthworm launching an exploding sheep across the screen at other earthworms... This game kicks ass...

7) Unreal Tournament

you blow up other guys online... thats about it... its a great way to kill off stress, great graphics too...

8) Goldeneye

Proximity Mines... Facility... I love this game... can you tell I'm already starting to give up on writing the summaries?

9) Metal Gear Solid

this had similar gameplay to the System Shock games, you have to sneak around alot, you have to sneak up on the enemies or they will call backup. there are cameras that will go off if they spot you, the boss fights are really cool, and there are some sweet weapons to top it all off... This is an awesome game

10) Resident Evil: Code Veronica

This is the best game to get the blood pumping, you're on the edge of your seat the entire game, you're left with minimal supplies and weapons on an island filled with thousands of zombies... what do you do? play this game with the lights off, I had to fight the big white zombie with a knife... you find yourself out of bullets alot in this game... one screw up and you're dead...

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22nd March, 2002. 2:01 am. Top Ten Favorite Songs(chaddarooch)

1. Steven Curtis Chapman - "What I Really Want to Say"
2. Edwin McCain - "I'll Be" (Acoustic)
3. Lifehouse - "Everything"
4. Barry White - "The First, The Last, My Everything"
5. David Mead - "Painless"
6. Travis - "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?"
7. Goo Goo Dolls - "All Eyes On Me"
8. Steven Curtis Chapman - "Speechless"
9. Lifehouse - "Simon"
10. Collapsis - "Wonderland"

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20th March, 2002. 2:58 am. TOP TEN CARS(unknownsaint)

1.Chevrolet Corvette Z06
2.Italdesign Nazca C2
3.Ferrari F355 F1
4.Nissan Skyline GT-V Spec II
5.Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder
6.Ferrari F50
7.Porshe GT-2
9.Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR
10.McLaren F1

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20th March, 2002. 2:48 am. Top 5 songs from random bands(chaddarooch)

1) Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
2) Driftwood
3) Flowers in the Window
4) Writing to Reach You
5) Turn

1) Shiver
2) Sparks
3) Yellow
4) Trouble
5) We Never Changed

1) Wonderland
2) Two Egrets
3) Tell Me Everything
4) Radio-Friendly Girlfriend
5) Automatic

1) Soldier's Daughter
2) Sugar
3) Mr. Golden Deal
4) Casual Affair
5) If You Could Only See

Ben Folds / Ben Folds Five
1) Underground
2) Still Fighting it
3) Sports and Wine
4) Fair
5) Where's Summer B.?

Jump Little Children
1) Mother's Eyes
2) Lover's Greed
3) My Guitar
4) Say Goodnight
5) Close Your Eyes

1) Letdown
2) Lucky
3) Paranoid Android
4) Street Spirit (Fade Out)
5) Fake Plastic Trees

Led Zeppelin
1) Rain Song
2) Since I've Been Loving You
3) Achilles' Last Stand
4) Stairway to Heaven
5) Dazed and Confused

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