♥Cunt Face♥ (z0mbie_girl) wrote in billboard,
♥Cunt Face♥

Top 20 favorite songs as of right now

[in no particular order]

1.Diamonds and guns-The transplants[you may or may not have heard it on the garnier fructise commerical..they play the intro to it]
2.Halloween-The Misfits
3.Here's To Life-Streetlight Manifesto
4.Damaged Goods-The Devotchkas
5.Gabba Gabba Hey-The Ramones
7.Punk Rock Girls-The Queers
8.The Young Crazed Peeling-The Distillers
9.False Hope-The Unseen
10.Punk Rock Girl-The Dead Milkmen
11.Living In America-The Sounds
12.Orgasm Addict-The Buzzcocks
13.My Baby Hates Me-The Stitches
14.You-Mustard Plug
15.Hate Yer State-Choking Victim
16.Nazi White Trash-Leftover Crack
17.Cherry BOmb-L7
18.Rebel Girl-Bikini Kill
19.Deceptacon-Le Tigre
20.American Jesus-Bad Religion

you wont find any of that taking back sunday or saves the day business on my top 20 list.

+by the by..im new..my name is india[im not indian .im actually irish] my favorite bands are The buzzcocks,the ramones, the unseen, leftover crack, choking victim, mustrad plug, streetlight manifesto, bikini kill, le tigre, horrorpops, the nekromantix, the queers, ya kno..anyways..hello.
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